Personal injury lawyer in New York?


ANSWER: The best personal injury lawyer you will find is from referrals. Do you have friends/co-workers, family that have hired a lawyer? It could be for bankruptcy, divorce, criminal etc. Ask them, if they needed legal help, would they hire the lawyer again? If the answer is yes, contact that lawyer. Even if the lawyer cant do personal injury, which would be rare, since it is easy to handle, they will refer you to a lawyer they would use. Or look in the phone book. If you see a lawyers name, address and phone number only, that is good since they don't need to advertise, since all of their business is either repeat business with the same clients or have gotten their cases from referrals of satisfied clients. Advertising costs a lot, and many times the lawyers that advertise the most, will charge you more to pay for their advertising. On any personal injury, the standard is 33% of YOUR settlement if you win. good luck


Best personal injury lawyers in New Orleans?


ANSWER: I would do some searches through a few lawyer webpages. I recommend a site called targetlaw. Its a lawyer search engine. Really good for lawyer searches. Best thing to do is find an attorney that has represented similar types of cases. Many of these lawyers have sections on their websites that outline cases that they won etc. I have attached a link with the search good luck.


Who are the best new york personal injury lawyers?


ANSWER: Wingate, Russotti & Shapiro is a New York personal injury law firm. Their website is http://www.wrslaw.com/


Why is it so hard to find a personal injury lawyer in new jersey?


ANSWER: Because they're all in Pennsylvania, where they can win millions off of malpractice suites. Even so, you shouldn't have that hard a time. Lawyers are everywhere. Try the phone book.


Iu2019ve been offered very low on the insurance settlement, do I need a personal injury lawyer at this point?

QUESTION: I got into a car accident few months ago in Seattle and my car was totaled. It was a new BMW and I had full insurance and coverage on the car, now my insurance is delaying the payment and itu2019s bringing all kinds of excuses not to pay full amount. Do I have a personal injury case? Should I call a personal injury lawyer to deal with my insurance at this point? The insurances now a days are just caring about their own pockets and nothing else: (

ANSWER: Personal injury, is when someone else causes the accident, and causes injury to your body. Were you hurt? Who's fault was the accident?? You don't mention either of these. A brand new car will depreciate 20% or even more, the second you drive it off the lot. You can get an estimate of what your car is 'worth' by checking the private party sale value at kbb, edmonds, or nada. You don't get retail, you don't get cost new, you don't get loan payoff. You get "actual cash value". Minus your deductible, that's probably where the discrepancy is. You hire a personal injury lawyer, when you're suing the party who CAUSED your injuries, for pain & suffering and medical bills. You don't hire a lawyer to deal with your OWN insurance, unless you've got gobs of money that you're dying to pay to the lawyer.


Motor Vehicle Accident; Pain & Suffering Settlement; Personal Injury Lawyer?

QUESTION: My name is Kristi and I am 26. I was in a car accident in July '13. I was coming down a 55mph highway and someone blew a stop sign. The at fault driver t-boned me into the other car at the stop sign on the other side of the crossing road and then my car hit head on into a telephone pole after I lost conciousness. I was rushed to the hospital. I suffered a broken scaphoid bone, stomach aches, severe headaches, shooting pain down my right hip to my knee and ankle, knee pain, concussion and minor vertebrae injuries. My medical bills exceed $15,000 and still growing. I haven't been able to return to work (going on 9 weeks), due to wrist cast, headaches and shooting hip, knee and ankle pain. Worst off, my first day at my new job was supposed to be two days after the accident. I've only worked one day of my new job so far and I fear they will let me go soon. My car was totaled, which I've already been payed for. The at fault driver's insurance company gave me a rental car for 20 days. At the time of the accident, my dog was in the back seat. The at fault driver's insurance company is paying for my dog's ongoing vet bills, as she is limping on her front right leg. What can I expect to receive for pain and suffering when the time comes to talk about the settlement? Is it worth it more often than not to hire a personal injury lawyer? Or is it likely that I will recieve less than I would without one after the 33% contingency fees? I spent one night in the hospital. Can anyone out there shed some insight please? I'll be sure to update this when all is said and done, as to help people in the future that are baffled by all this, like I am. I am starting physical therapy soon for the wrist, hip and leg. I just don't want to get ripped off. I want what's fair. I know the real prize out of all of this is that my dog and I are alive and so are all other parties involved. Any advice would be appreciated so that I can make the last hurdles from this car accident in a financially educated manner. Thank you ALL in advance for your responses. I Hope everyone's having a fantastic summer.

ANSWER: Hi Kristi, You don't mention what state you live in; that makes a difference in automobile-related personal injury suits. My advice: it never hurts to consult a lawyer (and I am a lawyer). I would especially say this since it sounds like you could have long-term effects from your injuries. Most state bar associations provide a lawyer referral service. In our state, if you call the 1-800 # and explain your situation briefly, they'll refer you to lawyers in your area who have agreed to a 30-minute consult. Good luck!


How can i find a personal injury lawyer around ny?


ANSWER: I believe the services of a personal injury lawyer of repute in new york will help. I have used their services and they proved their worth.


I need a good personal injury lawyer ?


ANSWER: I have a friend who lives in New Jersey who can provide you legal service. Its called prepaid legal and it cost $20/month (first month has $10 enrollment fee, so it will be $30 for 1st month and $20/month after that). I have used it several times for fighting tickets and the lawyer I use wins every time. You can use this service for any legal purposes no matter how small or big it is. You can even use it when a business refuse to give refund to you for a defective product. It comes with a legal shield card which you can show to cops when you get pull over. It will just remind the cop you have rights. Oh yeah, it also comes with a free will. Anyway, if you want his contact information, just send me a message by going to my Yahoo Answers profile. He can tell you about it better than I can.


Are personal injury lawyers required to send information to another lawyer if i ask them?


ANSWER: He can say no or demand that you pay whatever he charges to turn the documents over. The attorney-client relationship only covers confidentiality -- it doesn't mean the lawyer has to obey your orders after you have decided to jump ship and find a new one.


What is New York Personal Injury Law Statute of Limitations ?


ANSWER: Each and every State in the U.S has its own statute of limitations. Statute of limitations is the time within which you must file your personal injury lawsuit within New York City. If this time is lapsed then you cannot file a personal injury lawsuit. Most of the lawyers provide free consultation to the victims of personal injury. You can read more about New York Personal Injury Law Statute of Limitations at : http://www.866attylaw.com/personal_injury/new_york_personal_injury_faq I am sure it will help you