Hi, I would like to know what the job prospects are like for lawyers in Australia?

QUESTION: Hi I am from Zambia (a country in Africa) and I am currently studying accounting and finance at the university of keele in England. After completing my degree I would like to study law in Australia. I am particularly interested in pursuing a law degree at Uni of Melbourne or Sydney. i understand that it is difficult to get a job as an international student but compared to countries such as the U.S.A I believe the law market is not as bad as compared to the U.S.A! Also how good are the Employment Prospects For Law: Salaries For Lawyers: & Is it difficult to gain residency in Austrailia? I am quiet passionate about law and actually studied a year of it in Zambia, However I would like to live in Australia and pursue my dream of being a lawyer.

ANSWER: Good luck to you in your studies and transition to Australia... I am interested in organic farming prospects in your country. I would be appreciative of any help you can offer... [email protected] The country that feeds itself chooses it's own destiny!! The outlook is apparently very good the following are job offers from just one recruiter's website http://mycareer.com Litigation (127) Property Law (118) Commercial Law (103) Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions (102) Insurance Law (70) Financial Services (65) Building and Construction Law (55) Family Law (30) Employment Law and Industrial Relations (29) Personal Injury Law (27) Partnership and Management (21) Patent and IP Law (19) Tax Law (16) Immigration Law (6) ************************************* You can apply for any permanent visa in Australia, however the Skilled - Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887) is specifically designed for holders of a provisional skilled visa who want to apply for permanent residency. ************************************* Australia Australia has regional variation in lawyer salaries, with the highest salary levels in Western Australia. At top-tier firms, associate salaries start in the $62,000 to $82,000 range and salaried partners may make anywhere from $200,000 to more than $350,000. At smaller firms, starting salaries may be as low as $41,000.[35]


Where do you think the media stooped the lowest?


ANSWER: The media has sunk lower than personal injury lawyers and used car salesmen in my opinion. If they get any lower they'll have to start looking out for the whale poop.


The company truck damaged my neighbours line hanging from power pole, what to do?

QUESTION: The truck driver who delivered the concrete from a company Sand and Soil Werribee, as he was backing up his truck he damaged the line which came of the power pole, as he was leaving he attached it to the fence so it won't get damaged by the passing cars. This happened on the Sunday delivery Australia Melbourne, I rang the company first they said did you invite him to the property, I said yes. Next time I rang they said their invoice says they deliver concrete but what ever happens any damage or injury is my responsibility. The city council said they don't know any legal and asked to ring power company. My lawyer said to give the details and ask them to deal with it. We discovered it was a phone line. The driver came to our address in proper truck and he is licensed as their manager said he drove under the line all good but then said I will turn around and back the truck up so it will be easier as he was backing up we were standing behind and the totally damaged the line with his truck and said I won't take the blame and will tell the truth to his company. How can it be our responsibility if we don't deal with the lines at all and we knew something was wrong when he came I dint see the line as he was backing up. Please help.

ANSWER: When a utility company hangs a line above a property, that line is the sole responsibility of the ones who placed it there. You, nor the contractor you hired have any responsibility to restore the damaged line.